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June 2024

Tuesday 25th19:3019:30 Main Committtee meeting Club
Wednesday 26th18:3018:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Thursday 27th Training Cadets 3 Training
Thursday 27th18:3018:30 Dinghy SUM2 Dinghy
Thursday 27th18:4018:40 Cruiser A3 Cruiser
Friday 28th Training Adult Level 1 & 2 (5) Training
Sunday 30th08:3008:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Sunday 30th10:0010:00 Dinghy and Cruiser Day Cruise over 2 tides Sailing

July 2024

Saturday 6th Training Sea Monkeys 5 Training
Saturday 6th14:0014:00 Shottie in a Yottie / BBQ Sailing
Sunday 7th Training Cadets 4 Training
Sunday 7th14:4514:45 Dinghy SUM3 Dinghy
Sunday 7th14:5514:55 Cruiser W4 Cruiser
Wednesday 10th18:3018:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Thursday 11th18:1518:15 Cruiser A4 Cruiser
Wednesday 17th19:3019:30 Main Committtee meeting Club
Saturday 20th13:0013:00 Dinghy SUM4 Dinghy
Saturday 20th13:1013:10 Cruiser MD3 Cruiser
Sunday 21st Training Sea Monkeys 6 Training
Sunday 21st14:0014:00 Cruiser MD4 Cruiser
Friday 26th Training Adult Level 1 & 2 (6) Training
Friday 26th18:3018:30 Cruiser A5 Cruiser
Friday 26th18:3018:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Saturday 27th18:1518:15 Dinghy SUM5 Dinghy
Saturday 27th18:3018:30 Cruiser W5 Cruiser

August 2024

Saturday 3rd12:0012:00 Family Fun Day Sailing
Sunday 4th13:4513:45 Dinghy Cruise over 1 tide Dinghy
Sunday 4th13:4513:45 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Sunday 4th14:0014:00 Cruiser MD5 Cruiser
Monday 5th14:3014:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Friday 9th17:3017:30 Dinghy AUT1 Dinghy
Friday 9th18:0018:00 Cruiser A6 Cruiser
Saturday 10th Training Cadets 5 Training
Saturday 10th18:0018:00 Dinghy AUT2 Dinghy
Saturday 10th18:1018:10 Cruiser W6 Cruiser
Saturday 17th Training Windsurfing 2 Training
Saturday 17th12:3012:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Sunday 18th13:0013:00 Dinghy AUT3 Dinghy
Sunday 18th13:1513:15 Cruiser Gunner Trophy Cruiser
Friday 23rd17:3017:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Saturday 24th17:0017:00 Dinghy Women's Race Dinghy
Saturday 24th17:1017:10 Cruiser Women's Race Cruiser
Sunday 25th17:4517:45 Dinghy AUT4 Dinghy
Saturday 31st Training Windsurfing 3 Training
Saturday 31st FCYC cruise visiting CBC Sailing
Saturday 31st12:1512:15 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy

September 2024

Sunday 1st13:0013:00 Dinghy AUT5 Dinghy
Saturday 7th Training Cadets 6 Training
Saturday 7th16:0016:00 Dinghy AUT6 Dinghy
Saturday 7th16:1016:10 Cruiser MD6 Cruiser
Sunday 8th Training Windsurfing 4 Training
Sunday 8th16:4516:45 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Sunday 15th11:3011:30 Dinghy AUT7 Dinghy
Sunday 15th11:4011:40 Cruiser W7 Cruiser
Saturday 21st - 22nd FCC cruise visiting CBC Sailing
Saturday 21st15:3015:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Saturday 21st - 22nd16:0016:00 Dinghy and Cruiser Closing Cruise to Aberdour Sailing
Sunday 22nd16:3016:30 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy
Wednesday 25th19:3019:30 CBC EGM Club
Sunday 29th12:0012:00 Dinghy Free Sail Dinghy

October 2024

Friday 4th Crane Out Preparation Sailing
Saturday 5th Crane Out Cruiser
Sunday 6th Crane Out Reserve Date 1 Cruiser
Sunday 6th Lift Race marks Sailing
Sunday 13th Crane Out Reserve Date 2 Cruiser
Saturday 19th Crane Out Reserve Date 3 Cruiser
Saturday 19th14:3014:30 Dinghy FB1 Dinghy
Sunday 20th Training Powerboat (1) Training
Saturday 26th19:0019:00 CBC 90th Birthday Ceilidh Social

November 2024

Saturday 2nd13:0013:00 Dinghy FB2 Dinghy
Sunday 3rd Training Powerboat (2) Training
Saturday 9th19:0019:00 Guest Speaker - James Ogilvie - Polar Adventures by Land and Sea Social
Saturday 16th12:1512:15 Dinghy FB3 Dinghy
Sunday 17th Training Powerboat (3) Training
Saturday 23rd19:0019:00 CBC Prizegiving Club
Wednesday 27th19:3019:30 CBC AGM Club
Saturday 30th12:0012:00 Dinghy FB4 Dinghy

December 2024

Saturday 14th11:3011:30 Dinghy FB5 Dinghy

January 2025

Wednesday 1st13:3013:30 Dinghy Ne'er Day Sail Dinghy

April 2025

Saturday 12th Crane In 2025 Cruiser
Sunday 13th Crane In 2025 Reserve Date 1 Cruiser
Saturday 26th Crane In 2025 Reserve Date 2 Cruiser

October 2025

Saturday 4th Crane Out 2025 Cruiser
Sunday 5th Crane Out 2025 Reserve Date 1 Cruiser
Saturday 11th Crane Out 2025 Reserve Date 2 Cruiser
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